¿Por qué el panel compuesto de aluminio es tan popular hoy en día?

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¿Por qué el panel compuesto de aluminio es tan popular hoy en día?

Buildings, residences, and workplaces are being constructed with a variety of cutting-edge and well-liked materials. Some of these materials are pricey, while others are more affordable, such as aluminum composite panels (ACPs). Despite being cheap, they look amazing in your house or business.

For many years, ACPs have been one of the most widely used cladding materials in construction. These panels have various benefits and are constructed from two sheets of aluminum. Energy efficiency, affordability, and a variety of building options are all features of these panels. The substance was created specifically for ventilated facade construction, refurbishment, or rehabilitation.

Aluminum composite panels

A seasoned builder may choose any new material without any trouble. But the government also provides loans, grants, and other programs to help them; one of them is the homebuilder grant. We'll talk about ACP in this article and its advantages as a popular building material.

The Making of ACPs

ACP is a material used to create aesthetically pleasing and sturdy exteriors for buildings. It consists of two thin aluminum sheets joined to a polymer core, and a non-aluminum center. The core of an aluminum sheet normally has a thickness of 3 mm, and the skin of the sheet is typically 0.5 mm thick. These sheets are covered with coils.

A continuous lamination procedure is used to create these panels. Originally intended for signage, this material has become a key material in the façade development sector due to its numerous advantages in recent years. ACPs are classified into three types:

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ACP FR: It typically has a polymer core of roughly 30% that is grey. These products have a significant risk of spreading fire.

ACP A2: It has a polymer core that is less than 10% polymer and is light grey. These goods have a limited potential for spreading fire.

There is no polymer core in an aluminum honeycomb. They have a honeycomb-designed aluminum core, all else being equal. These goods have a limited potential for spreading fire.

What Are the Advantages of ACPs?

Aluminum composite panels are highly customized items. As a result, they have numerous advantages, which include:

1. Excellent dimensional stability

The dimensioning of the composite board as a material is free of distortions. This means that the material will remain stable over time, regardless of size, and will not lose its qualities.

2. Various finishes

The variety of finishes available with this composite panel gives it exceptional versatility. The composite board might be textured, solid, reflective, or wood-like, depending on the application.

3. Resistant to impact

Ongoing research has proved that aluminum is appropriate for building facades due to its long life and resistance to wear and corrosion. As a result, it is an impact-resistant material that is useful for facades.

4. It is completely recyclable.

The aluminum composite board's core material and cover sheets can be reused indefinitely. Because of its properties, aluminum may be reused in a variety of ways. This is also another advantage of using ACPs in your construction materials.

5. Quick and simple assembly

The drape frames for ACP assembly are designed to allow for simple and quick assembly on façades. Similarly, if a cassette is damaged, it can be efficiently replaced. So you don't have to be concerned.

6. Light-weighted

Aluminium's thickness makes it a suitable material for foundation frames on ventilated facades. This is one of the lightest materials available.

From these factors, it is easy to see why ACPs have become so popular with designers and builders. However, some downsides are overlooked when constructing a structure. Because fire safety is the primary issue, this material is occasionally unfavorable.

brushed aluminum composite panel (3)

What About Fire Protection?

As previously said, fire safety is the primary issue with these items. The cores of older panels were made of flammable polymer. One of the first ACPs was very flammable and highly combustible. As a result, the panels were not safe in the event of a fire.

Certain rules, however, limit the amount of polymer used in panel production. The old polymer was constructed of polyethylene, a highly flammable thermoplastic polymer. Only ACP FR contains 30% polymer material, which is the cause of fire spread among the three varieties of ACP. The other two varieties have a very minimal fire spread potential, making them suitable for use.

The Bottom Line Aluminum composite panels are being used in a variety of applications. Because they may be adjusted and reshaped in many ways, they can be used to create any shape for the exterior of structures. With the benefits listed above, these panels are at the top of every builder's list.